Date of Release: December 3, 2018



New-Shared Garbage Compactor Ready for Downtown Businesses

The City of Olympia opened its second shared garbage compactor for businesses on Monday, December 3. The well-lit, secure compactor is in the downtown Washington and State Street Parking lot. City commercial recycling and organics are also available there.

Ten businesses on the block and surrounding area are using the new compactor for their garbage, recycling, and organics. The City expects participation to grow over the next six months.

“Having one centrally located, safe and secure garbage compactor for businesses has many benefits,” says Spencer Orman, Senior Program Specialist, who worked on the project. “Removing multiple dumpsters from the parking lot and nearby locations helps clean up and improve the areas appearance. This is something businesses have been requesting. It also reduces unwanted activity in and around them. Safe and secure access to the compactor is available anytime. It’s well lit, has high fencing, security cameras, and an electronic entry system.”

The City expects to haul the compactor only once every 4 – 6 weeks. Previously the City was emptying five or more dumpsters and carts, two or three times a week. “It consolidates collection services for businesses and the City.  That means less noise, truck traffic, and fuel use.” The compactor is fitted with a monitoring system telling how full it is, when it needs hauling, and when it is used.

Recycle and Organics Added

City collected recycle and organics are in a separate secure area next to the compactor. “It’s an incentive to help businesses reduce their waste and another service we provide these customers. It is an opportunity to learn if this works for future projects.” Commercial recycling accompanies the City’s well-established commercial organics program. Most business are participating in both.